Tzadek-Todah? What is it? How it all started!

One of the strongest goals for Jumarie From The Heart is to give back to the community. We assist wherever we possibly can to train, teach, coach and mentor  the less privileged and/or younger generation to gain financial freedom.

Our goal: to mentor each individual enabling them to successfully start, grow and manage their own successful online businesses.

We passionately believe that all human beings were created in the image of the Lord God Almighty, who Himself is the Creator of the heavens and earth. He has given each person the ability to be creative. God has blessed every single person with certain gifts, passions, talents, and life experiences that can be used to start successful, God honoring, God glorifying businesses. We strive to serve the communities and people around us  – while joyfully loving what we do!

We by no means claim to be experts in this area, but we are passionate about people, and we do want to share what we have learned on our own business adventure. Our aim is to teach lovingly and patiently, to mentor, to motivate, to encourage and to build up while we walk this entrepreneurial journey alongside others.

The objective is to help one person at a time so that they can regain hope. We encourage them to persue something that they absolutely love and are gifted for. This trainee student is then required to train another new student in the same way they themselves have been. We are in full support of paying it forward and honoring God while doing so.

Our motivations come from a humble and grateful heart.


“But You Shall Remember [With Profound Respect] The Lord Your God, For It Is He Who Is Giving You Power To Make Wealth, That He May Confirm His Covenant Which He Swore (Solemnly Promised) To Your Fathers, As It Is This Day.” (Deuteronomy 8:18)

“Blessed Is One Who Considers The Poor; The Lord Will Save Him On A Day Of Trouble. The Lord Will Protect Him And Keep Him Alive, And He Will Be Called Blessed Upon The Earth; And Do Not Turn Him Over To The Desire Of His Enemies. The Lord Will Sustain Him Upon His Sickbed; In His Illness, You (God) Restore Him To Health.” (Psalm 41:1-3)

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