Peonies In Glass


Add a pop of color and life to your home with our stunning printed fine art canvas featuring Peony flowers.

These elegant blooms, native to China, have a rich history and cultural significance, and are even celebrated in a city called Luoyang.

In Chinese, Peonies are known as “Sho Yu,” meaning “Most Beautiful,” and it’s easy to see why – their delicately lush petals and vibrant hues are truly breath- taking.

Not only are Peonies beautiful, but they also have a long lifespan, with some plants living for over 100 years.

And if you’re looking for a meaningful gift, Peonies are the traditional flower for 12-year wedding anniversaries.

With its simple yet impactful design, this canvas is sure to be a conversation starter and bring a touch of nature to any living space.


“The sweetest scents are only obtained by tremendous pressure; the fairest flowers grow amid Alpine show-solitudes; the fairest gems have suffered longest from the lapidary’s wheel; the noblest statues have borne most blows of the chisel. All, however, are under law. Nothing happens that has not been appointed with consummate care and foresight.” (F.B. Meyer)


This canvas is sure to bring a touch of romance and natural wonder to any space.

This top-quality printed canvas available options are:
• A3
• A4

• Stretched
• Unstretched (Print only)

Border (4.5cm)
• White
• Black
• Wrapped

Please select canvas border:

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