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General Shipping Notes

  • All products purchased in South African Rand (ZAR) are Fulfilled by Takealot South Africa and are entitled to “FREE SHIPPING” for all orders over R450. Our South African products can only be delivered within the South African borders. International shipping from within South Africa is currently not available. Please contact us directly with any special requirements, and we will gladly assist.
  • All products purchased from inside the UAE in United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) are entitled to “FREE SHIPPING” within the UAE borders. For all other GCC and International shipping locations and rates from within the UAE, see our rate cards below, provided in AED (Arab Emirates Dirham).
  • An additional charge of AED 15 is levied on courier deliveries in non-service area zones (out of city zones) of all the GCC countries & cities/towns.
  • International courier rates are exclusive of duties, taxes, VAT, other non-routine customs brokerage charges and fuel surcharges.
  • Delivery to other countries is also available with quotes provided upon request.
  • A 5% administration fee is applied to international courier rates.
  • The quoted weight refers to the higher of gross or volumetric weight.
  • The quoted courier rate is valid for orders below 5kg. Orders above 5kg (volumetric) will be charged an additional 2 AED for every additional volumetric kg.

Courier Terms & Conditions (Third-Party Courier Company)

  • For High Value Shipments (HVS), customs formal clearance will be carried out and all related fees (Bill of Entry, Customs Duty, Taxes, etc…) will be billed back to the shipper or consignee depending on the mode of shipping (DDP or DDU).
  • 3 attempts of delivery will take place for each shipment after which if the attempts failed due to consignee unavailability or rejection of order then a full delivery charge will apply as an RTO charge.
  • Reverse pick-up (shipment collection) will incur the same charges of delivery.
  • When applicable, credit card on delivery charges of 2.63% of the value of the order would apply to local UAE deliveries.


  • Domestic Shipment: Courier Delivery’s liability is a maximum of US$ 25.00 of the invoice value of any order.

KSA & Kuwait Courier T&C:

  • Up to 2 delivery attempts will be made for each shipment. Any additional delivery attempts requested by the Client will be charged an extra fee of AED 13.00 per attempt.
  • All undeliverable shipments will be billed as per the rates paid.
  • Additional KWD 1.0 Stamp fees for shipments destined to Kuwait
  • The maximum COD value of goods that the courier will agree to deliver is AED 5,000 per shipment.
  • The courier’s liability is a maximum of USD 100.00 of the invoice value of any shipment.
  • The rates offered on this website are based on the promised volumes. If the actual volumes deviate significantly from the expected volumes, the courier reserves the right to review the rates offered following a reasonable trading period and subject to the terms and conditions of the courier Services Agreement.
  • In the event of market inflation, the courier reserves the right to increase the rates at the end of each year by giving a 30-day written notice to the Client.
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