All our Jumarie From The Heart Canvasses are printed, stretched, packaged and shipped with utmost professionalism, attention to detail, and love.

You will receive a quality coated Canvas with a flexible coating that can be stretched and framed without cracking. The transparent coating is a water fast satin finish that eliminates the need for spray or liquid laminates. We use Acid-free receptive coating. Prints can be stretched on to frames.

Our solvent Canvas is coated with a ink-receiving layer which enhances our prints, producing deep Black with brilliant colours. The receptive inkjet coating is flexible and is ideal when prints are mounted / stretched on frames โ€“ without cracking or tearing the fabric. Our Canvases are fast drying. The specialized coating offers a low glare finish, superior color brilliance and excellent image definition.

The acid-free canvas is perfectly suited for fine art prints, fine photographs and reproductions for exhibitions and indoor decoration. The surface texture does not distract from the subject, but enhances the canvas look and feel.


Canvas Printing


Canvas Printing


Canvas Printing

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