Welcome to Jumarie From The Heart, a brand that’s close to our hearts. Our journey began in June 2020, fuelled by the passion to share Jumarie du Toit’s extraordinary art with a broader audience. We wanted to offer exquisite creativity and authentic, talented art masterpieces that people could connect with and cherish.

In October 2020, we launched our first Jumarie From The Heart art fabric products in South Africa. The success was incredible, and it spurred us on to expand our production to India, allowing us to launch in the Middle East in May 2021. As our reputation grew, we began to sell various art products in the United States and Europe, establishing ourselves as a worldwide brand.

We also started selling a variety of art products in the United States of America and in Europe on marketplaces such as Etsy, Contrado, Amazon etc. in 2021 which made us a worldwide brand developing a strong reputation.

We felt truly blessed to have our stunning Jumarie From The Heart art products on display for six months at the world-renowned Dubai Expo 2020. The opportunity to showcase our Proudly South African cushions and aprons inside the South African Pavilion was a dream come true.

In September 2021, we participated in the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, sponsored and organized by the US Missions to the United Arab Emirates and the New York University of Abu Dhabi. The experience was transformative, helping us to pivot our focus towards digital art spaces and scale our business.

We’ve also achieved significant milestones, such as Jumarie’s first solo art exhibition in Spain, featuring nine breath-taking original masterpieces in Barcelona and Sitges.

In the second quarter of 2022, Cindy and Johan Liebenberg took over ownership of Jumarie From The Heart, and we couldn’t be more excited about this new chapter. We’re expanding into the digital realm, offering professional services, and providing online training and mentoring opportunities. We’re looking forward to the future and learning all that the LORD has in store for us. We are a digital nomad couple on a faith journey, discovering the world from our camper. Living sustainably, freely & joyfully, serving the Lord on the go. 🧭

In 2023 Charlene Jackson joined the Jumarie From The Heart family as Business Partner, adding to the talent pool a salted entrepreneur and business owner, with an absolute love for the Lord and a passion for helping the poor and needy by building them up through educating, mentoring and training in order to break the cycle of poverty experienced by too many people in our communities. We are very blessed to have her on board!

We believe that our brand is more than just amazing art; it’s a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. We’re dedicated to creating marvellously unique art products and offer professional and authentic services that people can connect with, that will empower creatives by building them up and training/teaching them how to become excellent stewards of the amazing gifts God has given them. We hope that you’ll join us on this journey.

But, above all, we create and work hard with the goal of bringing glory to our Lord God.

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Registration Number: 2021 / 870483 / 07

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